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Daycare services

These are services that offer childcare outside the family home for young children. It is particularly intended for children who are not yet of an age to be covered by the formal school system. An important consideration to make is a child’s age for many reasons. Children are more vulnerable, at young ages when the immune system is developing, to infections and disease than when they are somewhat older. This means that health and sanitation conditions are particularly critical in daycare that is provided to the youngest children.  Another reason that a child’s age is an important factor is the process of child development. The strong consensus from many disciplines is that it is critical for young children to develop a strong, affectionate tie with at least one primary caregiver.

Other Services

Occupational/ Vocational Therapy
Speech, Language and Swallowing Therapy
Inclusive learning / Special needs education
Physical Therapy
Supported Living
Shared Living