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Are you looking for a team-building opportunity or would wish to give back part of your time creating impact among children with disabilities; changing lives? Join ITHEMBA communities to support the therapy center and the inclusive learning projects for a life changing experience.
Our vocational projects, swallowing & speech initiatives, class clusters are all available to partner with you in giving life changing experiences, not forgetting music and aquatic therapy.

Work party volunteers help us build capacity and bridge human resources gaps, as well as spruce up variety therapy aids such as sensory rooms, class clusters, improve ADLs, sensory play grounds and so much more- saving us thousands of shillings in purchase and repair.

International volunteers here’s an opportunity to have an excursion and touching lives in a very special way.

Voluteer with us

Volunteer as a Company/ Group

You can Host a table/event

Gather a group of friends, we can speak to them about inclusion and embracing disability when is part of a given family or community.

As companies are always looking forward to fully engaging their employees while having fun and creating impact, our Therapy center project is the place to be! You can sponsor a child through a company fundraiser, Gift giving through employee gift matching activities with children under our care or a Teambuilding of your company hosted by our Therapy center.

Speak to the coordinator directly +256 703 172 376 or email us:

Invite us to apply for a grant

To increase our reach and needed service to wide and far areas of our community, more resources are always sought for, and always seeking new sources of funds.

Invite us to partner with you to better put to use your company CSR; enriching lives of children with disability.

Send us an email:

You can Host a table/event

Through advocacy and awareness about the needs of children with disability, is a sure way to inclusion; living in harmony with other community members: –
achieving the Sustainable Development Goal cap.4.

We would love to share our stories with you, changing the narrative every day for a lifelong learning experience for everyone.

Contact the coordinator +256-703 172 376, or send us an email: